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Beautiful Basics Setup Deco-Pack

Recommended for 20 x 20 x 20cm enclosures and upwards. The Beautiful-Basics Deco-Pack is a curated set of stunning natural decorations designed to improve the look of your invertebrate pet’s enclosure while also helping to keep humidity levels optimal for their well-being. Can be used for arboreal or terrestrial setups for mantis, jumping spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, and more. Our deco-packs pair perfectly with our setups to give your pet a stunning home it will thrive in.


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Bug Pets Humidity-Boost Deco-Pack, is a brilliant collection of natural decor items for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for your pet invertebrates like mantises and tarantulas, spiders, and many more pet invertebrates. This curated kit enhances the beauty of your enclosure and significantly aids in maintaining optimum humidity levels essential for your pets’ well-being. Our deco-packs pair perfectly with our setups to give your pet a stunning home it will thrive in.


  • Variegated Pothos

White variegated pothos is a beautiful and hardy plant perfect for invertebrate setups.

  • Pink Tradescantia

This vibrant plant adds a pop of colour with stunning pink foliage. It’s fast growing and will establish itself in your setup in no time.

  • ZooMed Terrarium moss

Sustainably harvested and easy to install, this moss is brilliant at absorbing moisture to bump up the terrarium RH%. It’s the ideal complement to your live plants and can be positioned around the enclosure for added aesthetic and functional benefits.

  • Lucky Reptile Opuwa Wood

Measures around 20cm long (as a natural product, the size cannot be 100% guaranteed). Specially selected for its natural aesthetic and functionality, this sturdy wood piece can be perched up for arboreal critters, or laid down on a terrestrial setup to provide animals a secure place to explore or burrow under.

  • Coco Chips

Made from the husk of coconuts, these chips accent plain coco-coir bedding to give your terrarium a more naturalistic feel.



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