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Indian Stick Insect

Carausius Morosus


Carausius morosus, or the Indian stick insect, a perfect beginner species for new keepers. These little stick bugs are hardy, affordable, and super easy to care for, an ideal first invertebrate for those new to the hobby.

Indian Stick Insect For Sale

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The Indian stick insect, Carausius morosus, is a species of stick insect that many of us are already familiar with. These little stick bugs are outstandingly easy to care for and affordable to keep, making them a brilliant first pet for those looking to start keeping invertebrates. Needing only a diet of privet or brambles and a daily spritz of water, it doesn’t get much simpler than the Indian stick insect. Simple though they are, these critters do not make underwhelming pets at all, as they grow to a decent size and will happily relax on your hands should you want a handleable pet. Unlike other invertebrates, stick insects are communal and will thrive in a small colony, the more the merrier! The Indian stick insect truly lives up to its name, a beautifully camouflaged branch in vibrant greens and earthy browns. It might not be the most striking stick insect around, but it’s certainly beautiful in its own sticky way. In the wild, Indian stick insects are found in the tropical rainforests of south Asia. Like all stick insects, these critters are nocturnal, becoming most active during the night. During the day, they will sit incredibly still, their front limbs extended outwards to further disguise themself as a twig. They even mimic the way twigs move – swaying back and forth to mimic a branch blowing in the wind.


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