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Isla De La Juventud Regal Jumping Spider

Phidippus Regius Isla De La Juventud


A stunning Phidippus morph / locality native to the small cuban island of Isla de La Juventud. Females of this locality is predominantly orange in colour.

Isla De La Juventud Regal Jumping Spider For Sale

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Phidippus regius Isla de La Juventid jumping spider hails from a one of many islands of Cuba. Isla de la Juventud, formerly known as the Isle of Pines, is the second-largest island in Cuba and is situated in the Caribbean Sea. The island has a rich history and is known for its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Female Isla de la juventud jumping spiders are copper-orange in colour and absolutely stunning. This phidippus locality is identical in care to all other P. Regius spiders, different only in native location and appearance.

Jumping spiders go through various stages of colouration and patterns as they grow, and there’s always variation in colour even with morphs. The adult colour of your spider will only become apparent when it reaches maturity. For instance, mature males of P. Regius are usually black, while mature females exhibit colours and markings specific to their morph. Even in rare Jumping spider morphs/localities, the males are always black.


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