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Isopod Essentials Setup

The isopod essentials setup includes an expertly chosen selection of affordable equipment to house your ‘pod colonies. With a Giganterra invertarium, JBL thermometer and more all from leading exotic pet brands, we’ve selected only the best for your pet ‘pods. Decorate with plants and natural decor items for a beautiful setup that’s both optimal for your pet and aesthetically pleasing.

Please note, we are unable to source the heat mat at this time. The price has been reduced to reflect this. Most isopods are happy in normal room temperature of around 22 degrees.


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Start isopod keeping with the Isopod Essentials Setup – a complete kit designed to create a comfortable and enriching habitat for your fascinating isopod colony. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or just starting, this carefully curated setup ensures your isopods thrive in a nurturing environment. This setup features the Giganterra 20 x 20 x 17cm Plastic Invertarium, providing a secure and spacious living space for your isopods. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for small to medium-sized isopod colonies, allowing easy observation while maintaining a sense of security for your critters. Accurate temperature monitoring is made effortless with the JBL Stick-on Thermometer Strip. Easily adhered to the invertarium, this practical accessory lets you keep a close eye on the temperature, ensuring it stays within the preferred range for your isopods’ specific species. To mimic a natural and enriching environment, the 15cm Cork Bark Chunk/Tube serves as an ideal hiding spot for your isopods. Not only does it provide a secure retreat, but it also encourages foraging and climbing. Maintaining proper humidity is essential for isopods’ overall health, especially during molting. The 150ml Misting Bottle is included in this setup, allowing you to provide a fine mist as needed, ensuring a consistently suitable level of humidity.  We’ve added cuttlebone chunks and dried gammarus shrimp to this setup to ensure your ‘pods receive a calcium & protein rich diet essential to their growth, reproduction, and development.

*The Isopod Essentials Setup does not contain any live animals.


  • Giganterra 20 x 20 x 17cm plastic invertarium
  • Giganterra 15 x 15cm 5 watt heat mat
  • JBL stick-on thermometer strip
  • 15cm cork bark chunk/tube
  • 150ml misting bottle
  • Giganterra 365g coco coir block
  • 100g Gammarus shrimp bag
  • Cuttlebone piece

The Isopod Essentials setup provides durable, affordable equipment and can be decorated further with plants, natural objects, hides, and more to truly provide your pet with an optimal environment that mimics its natural habitat.


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