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Jumping Spider Essentials Setup

Featuring durable, affordable equipment from leading exotic pet brands, the jumping spider essentials setup combines quality equipment into a carefully curated bundle for your pet spider. Decorate with plants and natural decor items for a beautiful setup that’s both optimal for your pet and aesthetically pleasing.


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Delve into jumping spider keeping with our Jumping Spider Essentials Setup, a comprehensive kit designed to provide an ideal environment for your furry friend. The setup includes ProRep’s 10cm x 10cm x 15cm acrylic enclosure, offering an expansive, secure space for your jumping spider to move, explore, and thrive. The included 150ml Pro Rep Spray Bottle keeps your pet hydrated with a daily mist of the enclosure and aids in achieving optimal humidity levels needed for your spider’s health and to aid in the molting process. A 650g Coco Coir Brick is also part of the setup, serving as a moisture-retaining substrate that helps maintain humidity while providing a natural surface for your spider. A 15cm Cork Bark Chunk, provides your pet with an excellent perch or hideaway, and increases the overall surface area your pet has to explore. Temperature monitoring is made simple with the Exo Terra Stick-On-Thermometer, enabling you to monitor your jumping spider’s enclosure conditions. This setup equips you with the essentials to start your journey into jumping spider care, ensuring your pet spider has a comfortable and healthy life.

*The Jumping Spider Essentials Setup does not contain any live animals. Product image is representation only, not to scale, brands may vary.


  • ProRep 10cm x 10cm x 15cm Acrylic Enclosure
  • 150ml Pro Rep Spray Bottle
  • Coco Coir Disc
  • 15cm Cork Bark Chunk
  • Exo Terra Stick-On Thermometer


The Jumping Spider Essentials Setup provides durable, affordable equipment and can be decorated further with plants, natural objects, and more to truly provide your pet with an optimal environment that mimics its natural habitat.



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