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Jumping Spider Mystery Box

A random assortment of pet jumping spiders of all ages chosen by us of equal or greater value than the cost of your box. Beginner species can be requested in the ‘notes’ section at checkout.

From £24.99

Opt for dual protection: Our Live-On-Arrival ensures a full refund if your pet doesn’t arrive safely, while our 7-Day Live Guarantee covers any injuries or health issues within the first week of arrival.



We’ll choose the perfect pet for you from our range of jumping spiders. The jumping spider mystery box allows you to select from multiple options to suit your budget, anywhere from £20.00 to the ultimate collector’s £200.00 box.

  • In your box, you may receive any number of live jumping spiders, from young spiderlings to adults, including rare jumping spider morphs/localities. Beginner-friendly species can be requested at checkout in the ‘notes’ section.

*Jumping Spider mystery boxes contain exclusively live animals and no care equipment. Live animals are provided in small containers which may be suitable for temporary housing only.


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