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Juvenile Red & White Brazilian Tarantula


The juvenile brazilian red and white tarantula, Nhandu chromatus, is a vibrant New World species thatt will mature to have beautifully contrasting red and white markings. This species is terrestrial with relatively mild venom.

Juvenile Red & White Brazilian Tarantula For Sale

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The juvenile Brazilian Red & White tarantula, known scientifically as Nhandu chromatus, is a stunning young new-world spider that originates from the grasslands of Brazil, this young tarantula is already starting to show the tell-tale signs of its stunning adult features. Even as juveniles, they exhibit patches of contrasting red and white set against a backdrop of dark, velvety black. These colourful patterns are not only stunning but also serve as a form of natural camouflage against predators in their natural habitat. As juveniles, these spiders are quite active and are known for their lively demeanour. While generally not aggressive, they are quick to flick urticating hairs when threatened. Their venom is relatively mild compared to Old World species, making them a less dangerous but still fascinating pet for arachnid enthusiasts. Even at this stage, the Nhandu chromatus is a hearty eater, and should be fed on smaller insects like crickets or mealworms, but as they grow, their diet will expand to include larger prey items.These juveniles are predominantly terrestrial, preferring to stay close to the ground. They aren’t as fossorial as some other species but do enjoy burrowing so you should provide them with a deep enough substrate in their enclosure. This also helps to maintain the ideally 60-70% humidity level.


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