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Leaf Insect Egg Bundle


5x Phyllium philippinicum leaf insect eggs from mated parents. After 4-5 months, these eggs will hatch into adorable baby leaves and grow rapidly to adulthood to lay eggs of their own.

Leaf Insect Egg Bundle For Sale

Opt for dual protection: Our Live-On-Arrival ensures a full refund if your pet doesn’t arrive safely, while our 7-Day Live Guarantee covers any injuries or health issues within the first week of arrival.


Want a chance to keep your favourite species of stick insects on a budget? Or, maybe you want to experience the entire life cycle of these lovely critters. Egg Bundles offer you a unique opportunity to raise your dream species from scratch. Stick insect eggs are remarkably easy to hatch depending on species, and take anywhere from several weeks to months. You can speed up the process by keeping your eggs nice and toasty, and ensuring your new baby bugs are kept humid while they incubate. Stick insect egg care varies by species, beginner-friendly or ‘easy care’ species are usually exceptionally easy to incubate. Intermediate or advanced species can require more attention.

*We work hard to source healthy eggs within the UK for our customers. Please note that, even when offering the best care to stick insect eggs, it’s possible to experience a small percentage of eggs that may not hatch.


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