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Madagascan Marbled Mantis

Polyspilota Sp.



The Madagascan marbled mantis, or Polyspilota aeruginosa, is a large, aggressive species of praying mantis that makes up for its nondescript appearance with size and brawn.

Madagascan Marbled Mantis For Sale

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The Madagascan marbled mantis, Polyspilota sp, might not be the prettiest mantis around, but it certainly makes up for its appearance with its large size and ferocity. Growing to an impressive 3.5 inches, this insect will gladly tackle prey much larger than itself. The Madagascan marbled mantis is a hardy species perfect for beginner mantis keepers, they will eat almost any feeders and do not require demanding environmental conditions. P. Aeruginosa have striking blue, black, and orange markings on the inside of their raptorial arms along with dappled brown wings. Some nymphs will grow into brighter green adults whereas others may be a pale dappled brown. Unlike many other mantis species, there is little sexual dimorphism between male and female Madagascan marbled mantis. Males grow to around the same size but are typically a little slimmer than females. As the name implies, this insect hails from Madagascar along with several other African countries.


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