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Malay Dead Leaf Mantis



The Malay Giant Dead Leaf Mantis, Deroplatys trigonodera, native to Southeast Asia’s rainforests, boasts an impressive pale birch-like camouflage and a calm, docile personality.

Malay Dead Leaf Mantis For Sale

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The Malay Giant Leaf Mantis, scientifically referred to as Deroplatys trigonodera, stands out not just because of its pale, ghostly appearance. Resembling a faded, dry leaf, its colouration is a soft beige, making it a perfect mimic of tree bark and decaying foliage in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. This subdued palette not only aids in evading predators but also enhances its hunting prowess, as it ambushes prey from its concealed position. As pets, they are relatively low-maintenance, given their penchant for staying still and relying on their natural camouflage. They require an environment that mirrors their natural humid habitat to thrive. Regular misting, appropriate heating, and a diet of suitable insects are essential for their well-being. Their docile temperament, beautiful appearance, and large size, make them brilliant pets for invertebrate hobbyists.


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