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Approx 60g – 20-30mm. Mealworms are protein-rich beetle larvae that provide a nutritious and stimulating diet for pet invertebrates like tarantulas and mantises.


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Mealworms, the larvae of the darkling beetle, have long been a staple in the diet of pet invertebrates. Packed with protein and essential fats, they offer a balanced nutrient profile that promotes health and vitality in creatures like tarantulas, mantises, and other insectivores. The wriggling movement of mealworms not only simulates the natural prey behaviour for predatory invertebrates but also provides an engaging and stimulating feeding experience. Their relatively soft exoskeleton makes them easily digestible for most invertebrate species. Mealworms can be “gut-loaded” with nutritious feeds before being offered, ensuring that the invertebrate consumes a richer diet.


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