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Juvenile Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Brachypelma Hamorii


Juvenile Mexican Red Knee tarantulas, or Brachypelma hamorii, are eye-catching, terrestrial New World spiders from Mexico, known for their stunning black and orange-red colouration, mild venom, and calm demeanour, making them ideal for beginner tarantula keepers.

Juvenile Mexican Red Knee Tarantula For Sale

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Juvenile Mexican Red Knee tarantulas, or Brachypelma hamorii, are striking spiders from Mexico that are popular for their bold black bodies contrasted by radiant orange-red knee markings. These are terrestrial spiders that primarily dwell on the ground rather than climbing or burrowing deep into the earth. They hail from the New World, possessing mild venom, especially when compared to some Old World species. A bite from a Mexican Red Knee can cause local irritation and discomfort. Despite their stunning orange banded appearance, these juveniles are generally calm and slow-moving, which makes them relatively approachable for handling—although it should still be done with caution, as their bite can cause minor irritation. At this stage, they’ve yet to reach their adult leg span of 5 to 6 inches but already displaythe beautiful colouration that define their species. These young spiders are considered a beginner-friendly species due to their manageable care needs. A well-ventilated enclosure, either glass or plastic, with dimensions three times their leg span will work well for this species. A temperature of 75-80°F (23-26°C) and 60% humidity mimics their natural environment well. Providing 6 inches of burrowing-friendly substrate, like coco-fibre allows them to dig and burrow, while boosting enclosure humidity. Their diet consists of live insects, such as crickets or roaches, offered once or twice a week. A constant water source should also be available in their enclosure. We highly recommend this species to both new keepers and beginners for  their low maintenance care requirements and beauty.



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