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Egyptian Pygmy Mantis

Miomantis Paykulii


Egyptian pygmy mantis (Miomantis Paykullii) are a small, faerie-like species coming in stunning glassy, pastel tones. M. Paykullii are tiny and ferocious, growing to barely two inches long as adults.

Egyptian Pygmy Mantis For Sale

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Miomantis Paykulli is a small species of mantis suitable for beginners. These critters are comparable to little faeries and come in a range of pastel shades from light blue to pale yellow. Hardy and ferocious, Miomantis are a great choice for a beginner species when sold as older, larger nymphs.

Egyptian Pygmy Mantis are tiny, ferocious mantis, comparable to adorably bad-tempered chihuahuas. It may not seem like it, but this tiny mantis is entirely packed with both ferocity and personality, making this mantis an extremely understated & overlooked choice. Coming in various shades of green, baby blue & buttercup yellow, Egyptian pygmy mantis look almost transparent, like vibrant stained glass. Novels & media often feature similarities between faeries and insects, and this comparison is especially accurate for Miomantis Paykulli. While Egyptian Pygmy mantis are easy to care for and beginner-friendly, the extremely tiny baby nymphs are not. Our Miomantis nymphs will always be sold at a larger, more manageable stage of life to prevent any issues of this nature.


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