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Juvenile Orange Bitey Thing Tarantula

OBT - Pterinochilus murinus



The juvenile orange bitey thing, Pterinochilus murinus, the OBT, or orange baboon tarantula, is an infamously bad-tempered tangerine coloured tarantula absolutely adored by keepers. While this critter starts off brown as a young juvie, it matures to adopt a more orange-toned body.

Juvenile Orange Bitey Thing Tarantula For Sale

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Juvenile Pterinochilus murinus, often referred to as the Orange Baboon Tarantula or OBT, but humorously nicknamed the “orange bitey thing,” is a member of the Theraphosidae family of tarantulas. It inhabits the tropical zones of central and eastern Africa, notably in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. As a terrestrial spider, it primarily resides on the forest floor or in burrows, despite demonstrating some semi-arboreal traits. Unlike other more tree-dwelling tarantula species, the OBT prefers constructing its hideaways in burrows or crevices, a preference reflecting its native habitat in Africa’s tropical regions. It matures to have a vibrant orange-brown colour, spanning its entire body, which lends the OBT its name. Standing up to six inches wide, this medium-sized tarantula is renowned for its quick and assertive defensive responses. When threatened, it often adopts a threatening posture, showcasing its fangs and striking out to bite. Its venom, although potent and able to induce pain, swelling, and other symptoms in humans, isn’t lethal but means this critter shouldn’t be handled. The OBT’s vibrant appearance and notoriously tempestuous temperament make it a fascinating, albeit challenging, creature for experienced keepers, and it’s not recommended for beginners due to its defensive nature.


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