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Orange Ring Velvet Spider


The orange-ring velvet spider, Eresus walckenaeri, is a stunning species of velvet spider known for the orange pattern on its abdomen. Females are black, with males displaying beautiful red markings which give them their alternative common name, the ladybird spider. Easy to care for.

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Orange Ring Velvet Spider For Sale

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The orange-ring velvet spider, Eresus walckenaeri, is quite striking with its vivid orange markings and soft, velvety body. If you’re considering one as a pet, they need a moderate space with a mix of soil and sand since they’re fond of making burrows, making them sort of like a mix between a tarantula in nature, and a jumping spider in appearance. Their diet is standard for spiders: insects like crickets or mealworms. Always have a water dish available for them. They’re generally calm spiders, but they can be a bit reclusive, often staying in their burrows.

1 review for Orange Ring Velvet Spider

  1. SLRippington

    Arrived safe and doing well. Thanks!

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