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Orchid Mantis

Hymenopus Coronatus


The orchid mantis is a highly desirable flower mantis, beloved for its unparalleled floral beauty and docile temperament.

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The orchid mantis, scientifically known as Hymenopus coronatus, is truly the gem of the insect world. With its floral beauty and unique appearance, it’s no wonder why this species has captured the hearts of so many invertebrate enthusiasts. Hailing from the lush forests of South-East Asia, this flower mantis is one of the most unique and visually striking of all praying mantis species available. As a nymph, the Orchid Mantis is at its most stunning, with its pink and white coloration, petal-like legs, and sharp features. This beauty, however, ultimately serves a deadly purpose. Using aggressive mimicry, the Orchid Mantis attracts pollinators with its flower-like appearance, luring them in to become its prey. But despite its lethal nature, orchid mantis make very friendly pets.

As the Orchid Mantis grows, it develops beautiful pink accents and eventually will sprout pale, buttercup-yellow wings with brown edges like a wilting flower. This unique visual change only adds to its already mesmerizing appearance. The Orchid Mantis is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a unique and visually stunning pet. Whether you’re an experienced insect enthusiast or just looking to add a touch of beauty to your insect collection, the orchid mantis is sure to captivate you with its docile temperament and aesthetically pleasing camouflage.

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