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Pink Winged Stick Insects


The pink-winged stick insect, Sipyloidea sipylus, is a beautiful, easy-care stick insect species known for its transparent pink wings and hardiness. This species is great for beginners and thrives on plants like bramble and eucalyptus.

Pink Winged Stick Insects For Sale


The pink-winged stick insect, scientifically known as Sipyloidea sipylus, is a beautiful stick insect species native to Madagascar but commonly found in captivity due to its relatively easy care requirements. This animal is renowned for its striking appearance, a pale body with transparent pink wings that become more vivid as the insect matures. Adult females generally grow larger than males, reaching lengths of up to 10 cm, while males are a bit smaller. The pink winged stick insect is mostly nocturnal, but you might catch them nibbling on leaves during the day. They’re generally peaceful insects but can exhibit a ‘threat pose’ when they feel endangered. This involves raising their hind legs and spreading their beautiful pink wings, a display that can deter predators.

The species is known to be relatively easy to care for, making it a popular choice for hobbyists. They primarily feed on a variety of plants, including ivy, oak, and bramble. Pink winged stick insects prefer a humid enclosure, with humidity levels ranging from 60% to 70%. However, they are somewhat tolerant of drier conditions compared to other stick insect species. A good temperature range for their habitat is between 20-25°C (68-77°F). It’s generally recommended to house them in a large mesh enclosure that allows them space to climb and spread their wings.


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