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Praying Mantis Essentials Setup

The Praying Mantis Essentials Setup includes an affordable mantis starter kit equipped with a selection of exotic pet equipment to take care of pet mantids. With a spacious Exo Terra invertarium, JBL thermometer, Giganterra heat mat, and more all from leading exotic pet brands, we’ve selected only the best care equipment for your pet mantis. Decorate with plants and natural decor items for a beautiful setup that’s both optimal for your pet and aesthetically pleasing.


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Jump into mantis keeping with the Praying Mantis Essentials Setup, a collection of handpicked products designed to provide the perfect environment for your adult mantis. The setup features an Exo Terra 37 x 22 x 25cm Invertarium, offering a generous living space that facilitates climbing and provides ample space for the majority of species to safely molt. Exo Terra faunariums feature vented lids for optimal ventilation, preventing the build-up of stale humid air and infections. Included in the kit is a 650g Coco Coir Brick, an excellent moisture-retaining substrate for your invertarium, providing a natural-looking landscape while helping to maintain ideal humidity levels to aid in the molting process. The 25cm Cork Bark is included to mimic your pet’s natural habitat, providing the perfect spot for your mantis to perch or hide, and additional surface area for your pet to grip to. To ensure your mantis enjoys a warm and comfortable environment, the kit contains a Giganterra Heat Mat measuring 15 x 25cm. We’ve also provided a 150ml Fine-Mist Spray Bottle to spray the surroundings of your pet’s tank, both keeping them hydrated and aiding in maintaining optimal humidity levels. Keeping track of the temperature within your mantis’s environment is made simple with a JBL Stick-On Thermometer, helping you monitor conditions for your praying mantis. With this comprehensive setup, you’ll have all the essentials to keep your pet praying mantis happy and healthy in a spacious environment it will thrive within.

*The Praying Mantis Essentials Setup does not contain any live animals. Product image is representation only, not to scale, brands may vary.


  • Exo Terra 37 x 22 x 25cm Invertarium
  • 650g Coco Coir Brick
  • 25cm Cork Bark
  • Giganterra Heat Mat 15 x 25cm
  • 150ml Fine-Mist Spray Bottle
  • JBL Stick-On Thermometer


The Praying Mantis Essentials Setup provides durable, affordable equipment and can be decorated further with plants, natural objects, and more to truly provide your pet with an optimal environment that mimics its natural habitat.


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