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Pro Rep Bug Grub, 300g

The Bug Grub is a premium dry diet for live food insects, enriched with calcium and protein; serve in a shallow dish and supplement with Bug Gel or veg for hydration.


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This is a high-calcium, high-protein dry diet, crafted for the nourishment and breeding of all live food insects, using top-quality ingredients for optimal taste. To use, offer Bug Grub in a shallow dish inside the insect habitat, replenishing every 1-2 days; prevent moisture to avoid mold. Always provide Bug Gel or veg pieces for hydration. Note: Not edible for humans, wash hands post-use, and avoid inhaling its dust.

Contents: Protein 16%, Oil B 4.5%, Fibre 17.2%, Ash 11%, Moisture 13.8%, Magnesium 0.3%, Vitamin A 5000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 500iu/kg, Vitamin E 20iu/kg, Selenium 0.05mg/kg, Copper 30mg/kg.”


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