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Purple Hermit Crab

Coenobita Brevimanus


Giant purple hermit crabs are fascinating, intelligent, social pets that need an enriching environment and a couple of friends. This critter is an irresistibly adorable and engaging pet that scuttles its way into the hearts of its owners. As a social animal, you must keep this crab in groups of 3 or more, the more the better.

Purple Hermit Crab For Sale

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At first glance, a giant purple hermit crab might seem like an unusual candidate for the title of “adorable pet.” However, those familiar with the Coenobita Brevimanus, commonly known as the giant purple hermit crab, Indo-Pacific hermit crab, know that this crustacean more than fits the bill. Coenobita Brevimanus has a robust purple and orange textured exoskeleton, but it’s their eyes that really catch your attention—perched on long stalks, they move about curiously, surveying their surroundings.  These hermit crabs are not ones to just sit around. They love to explore their surroundings, whether it’s climbing decor, digging through substrate, or interacting with other tankmates. Despite their small size, Coenobita Brevimanus are fearsome little critters, especially when they raise their larger claw (from which they get their name, “Brevimanus” meaning “short hand”) as if they’re the guardians of their tiny territory. These are nocturnal animals that come to life at night, exploring and adventuring around their habitats. These hermit crabs are highly social animals and must be kept in groups of at least 3 members to ensure they do not become depressed. 3 or more is better on the off chance one perishes.


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