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Red Apple Crab

Metasesarma aubryi


The Red Apple Crab, Metasesarma aubryi, is a striking, semi-terrestrial crab from Southeast Asia with a vivid red carapace and chunky claws, known for its unique appearance and pinchy, assertive demeanor. Easy care, great for beginners.

Red Apple Crab For Sale

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Metasesarma aubryi, commonly known as the Red Apple Crab, is a freshwater species that hails from the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia. Characterized by its striking bright red carapace and chunky claws, this semi-terrestrial land crab is a wonderful addition to any invertebrate enthusiasts collection. These crabs are semi-aquatic and so must have both land and water paludarium, as they like to alternate between swimming and basking out of water. Their relatively small size, growing to about 2-3 inches in width, makes them suitable for various tank setups. However, it’s vital to ensure the tank is well-sealed, as these little climbers are known to attempt escapes. Red Apple Crabs are omnivores. They enjoy a mix of blanched vegetables, fish food, and protein sources like brine shrimp or bloodworms. The Red Apple Crab makes a delightful pet for those looking to keep something a little unusual and quirky. These crabs are known to be a little aggressive and pinchy, handle at your own risk.





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