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Red-Back Vinegaroon

Thelonypus sp. 'Java'



The red-back vinegaroon is a fascinating arachnid from the order Uropgi. This critter cannot envenomate, instead dealing with any potential threats by releasing a strong acidic spray. Hardy and low-maintenance.

Red-Back Vinegaroon For Sale

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Vinegaroons are arachnids that are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. They have a unique appearance with a long, thin body and large, pincer-like pedipalps in front. Despite their name, they are not true scorpions, as they lack a tail and a stinger. Vinegaroons are generally shy and non-aggressive towards humans. When threatened, they may raise their pedipalps in a defensive posture and emit an acidic spray to deter predators. They are not venomous and do not pose a significant risk to humans, and can therefore be handled.  Vinegaroons are resilient creatures that can tolerate a range of conditions within their preferred temperature and humidity ranges. These critters can grow up to 6 inches long from head to tail.


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