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Red Head Tarantula

Bumba Horrida


Bumba horrida, or the Red-Head tarantula, is a unique, ground-dwelling pet tarantula characterized by its vibrant red cephalothorax and contrasting dark body. Despite its striking appearance, it is known for its calm demeanor, requiring a secure enclosure with burrowing substrate and stable temperature and humidity, making it a captivating choice for tarantula enthusiasts.

Red Head Tarantula For Sale

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Bumba horrida, colloquially known as the Red-Head tarantula, is a fascinating species of tarantula native to Brazil. The Red-Head tarantula gets its common name from its distinctive coloration. Its cephalothorax, or head region, is a vibrant shade of red or rust, which contrasts dramatically with its dark brown or black body and legs. Like many tarantulas, Bumba horrida is a ground-dwelling species. It typically spends its time within burrows or crevices and is more active during the night, which aligns with its natural predatory behaviors. Their diet mainly consists of small invertebrates. Red-Head tarantulas are known to exhibit a calm demeanor, although they can become defensive if they feel threatened. When provoked, they may adopt a threatening stance, rearing up on their hind legs to expose their fangs. However, the venom of Bumba horrida is not harmful to humans beyond causing local irritation or discomfort. This species, like many tarantulas, exhibits sexual dimorphism, with females generally being larger and living longer than males. Females can live for several years, often over a decade, while the males typically have a much shorter lifespan. Brazilian Red-Head tarantulas are known for their hardiness, although they are less common in the pet trade than some other tarantula species. They require a secure enclosure with a suitable substrate for burrowing and a stable temperature and humidity level to mimic their natural habitat. Despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, their unique coloration and interesting behaviors make them an appealing choice for tarantula enthusiasts.


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