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Regal Jumping Spider

Phidippus Regius


Phidippus Regius is a stunning beginner-friendly jumping spider species perfect for new keepers.

(4 customer reviews)
Regal Jumping Spider For Sale

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The regal jumping spider, Phidippus regius is a wonderful jumping spider species that have soared in popularity due to their unarguably adorable appearance. Phidippus regius are likely the most popular pet jumping spider in the pet trade, usually the first choice for beginner keepers. Both female and male regal jumping spiders grow to a reasonable size as far as true spiders go, of around an inch. Male regal jumping spiders are usually black and white with vibrant green chelicerae, while females are pale cream with striking orange abdominal markings. Phidippus regius are remarkably easy to care for, and, due to their size, can thrive in a smaller enclosure compared to most other invertebrates, given the environment is large enough for the spider to explore and hunt. Phidippus regius are expert predators and require a diet of live-food like crickets or flies, and one of the most entertaining experiences in keeping these little critters is watching them skillfully hunt their prey. These little arachnids can launch themselves up to six times their own body length in pursuit prey, and it’s truly fascinating to watch. Regal jumping spiders will thrive at room temperature, at around 60% RH, making them extremely low maintenance pets to keep. Overall, we highly recommend this species to brand new invertebrate & jumping spider keepers due to its wonderful appearance and docility.

Jumping spiders go through various stages of colouration and patterns as they grow, and there’s always variation in colour even with morphs. The adult colour of your spider will only become apparent when it reaches maturity. For instance, mature males of P. Regius are usually black, while mature females exhibit colours and markings specific to their morph. Even in rare Jumping spider morphs/localities, the males are always black.

4 reviews for Regal Jumping Spider

  1. Liam Porter

    I love them! Over the past few days i have watched it create a lovely nest for itself within the enclosure. Very cute too!

    Arrived well packed and a warm heat pack.

  2. Conor

    Absolutely beautiful spider, I’ve called her Flo and love watching her, she came packaged perfectly and on time too, can’t fault these guys at all. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience.

  3. Ebony Dawson

    Their cute

  4. Cher

    Absolutely beautiful spider, we’ve named our boy Echo! He’s the sweetest.

    Arrived packaged very well and seemed very happy!

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