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Regal Jumping Spider – Sierra De Baoruco


Sierra De Baoruco Phidippus Regius female jumping spiders possess beautiful cream, dark, and orange markings. This spiderling morph is native to the Dominican Republic, and identical in care to P. Regius.

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Regal Jumping Spider – Sierra De Baoruco For Sale

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Phidippus regius Sierra De Bahoruco jumping spiders hail from the Sierra De Baoruco national park in the Dominican republic. Females of this jumping spider locality have a pale fluffy body, big dark eyes, and bright orange-crimson markings on their head and abdomen. This is a Phidippus regius morph and, like all other P. Regius morphs, care for this spider is identical to the standard regal jumping spider care, which makes them brilliant pets and perfect for beginner keepers.

Jumping spiders go through various stages of colouration and patterns as they grow, and there’s always variation in colour even with morphs. The adult colour of your spider will only become apparent when it reaches maturity. For instance, mature males of P. Regius are usually black, while mature females exhibit colours and markings specific to their morph. Even in rare Jumping spider morphs/localities, the males are always black.

2 reviews for Regal Jumping Spider – Sierra De Baoruco

  1. Elzbieta Dzidkowska

    Beautiful and very curious best mystery box ever! Spider is great and very alive amazingly cute!

  2. Lloyd Rippington

    Arrived safely and alive. Very cute little guy.

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