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Soroa Regal Jumping Spider

Phidippus Regius Soroa


The Soroa regal jumping spider is known for its beautiful orange & white colouration. This morph is native to Soroa, Cuba, with females of this P. Regius locality boasting a gorgeous cream exoskeleton with vibrant copper abdomen & head. Identical care needs to P. Regius.

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Soroa Regal Jumping Spider For Sale

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The Soroa regal jumping spider, also known as the Cuban Soroa jumper (Phidippus regius Soroa), can be found in the Soroa region of Cuba. Females of this locality boast pale, fluffy exoskeletons adorned with remarkable copper abdominal patterns. Noted for their excellent jumping prowess and sharp vision, Soroa regal jumpers are adept hunters that can leap onto their prey with remarkable accuracy. They make their homes in forested areas, including the lush Soroa region, building nests in plants, trees, and shrubs. These lively and day-active spiders are known for a characteristic movement pattern that includes brief leaps followed by abrupt stops. Their primary diet consists of small insects and other arthropods. When it comes to mating, they engage in complex courtship behaviours. Female Soroa regal jumpers lay their eggs in silk cocoons and guard them vigilantly until they hatch. This spider is but one of the many beautiful ‘morphs’ or ‘localities’ of Phidippus regius.

Jumping spiders go through various stages of colouration and patterns as they grow, and there’s always variation in colour even with morphs. The adult colour of your spider will only become apparent when it reaches maturity. For instance, mature males of P. Regius are usually black, while mature females exhibit colours and markings specific to their morph. Even in rare Jumping spider morphs/localities, the males are always black.

1 review for Soroa Regal Jumping Spider

  1. caoimhe canning

    my first ever spider and i’m in love with him, he’s a curious wee thing and super cute!

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