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Spiderling Asian Fawn Tarantula


Spiderling Asian Fawn Tarantulas, or Chilobrachys huahini, are doe-coloured, old-world fossorial tarantulas with a love for burrowing, and a very venomous bite, making them suited for experienced keepers only.

Spiderling Asian Fawn Tarantula For Sale

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Spiderling Asian Fawn Tarantulas, scientifically known as Chilobrachys huahini, hail straight from the tropics of Asia, mainly Thailand, and while they might not be as famous as some other tarantula species, they’ve got their own set of perks. With a colour scheme that mixes subtle browns and fawn hues, they’re named for their doe-like colouration. Originating from the Old World, they’re naturally more defensive and pack a venomous bite, so handling should be avoided. Like their older counterparts, these spiderlings are fossorial, meaning they love digging and burrowing. Even though they’re ground-dwellers, you’ll find them happiest when they’re tunnelling underground. They usually come out at night or when it’s time to eat. As they’re still young and growing, make sure to set up their enclosure with a deep substrate to give them the freedom to burrow as they please. Female Chilobrachys huahini spiderlings could grow up to a leg span of around 6 inches. Not really the beginner’s choice because of their venom, these spiderlings are perfect for those who have had some experience in tarantula care and are up for a bit more of a challenge.


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