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Spiderling Green Bottle Blue Tarantula


The Green-bottle-blue Tarantula spiderling, native to South America’s tropical forests, already showcases hints of the stunning blue, green, and orange colours it will fully exhibit as an adult, has a mild venom typical of New World species, and is a simpler species to care for.

Spiderling Green Bottle Blue Tarantula For Sale


Already captivating in its early stages, the spiderling of the Green-bottle-blue Tarantula, or Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens, promises to grow into a beautiful adult with a unique array of dazzling colours. Originating from the tropical forests of South America, specifically in countries like Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, this New World species begins to display hints of the blues, greens, and metallic tones that will fully emerge with maturity. As it ages, the spider’s abdomen will be covered with beautiful orange hairs. These young spiders will eventually mature into medium-sized adults, with females reaching a leg span of up to 5 inches and males slightly smaller. They have a mild venom, in line with most New World species. One fascinating trait of this species, even evident in its younger age, is the ability to change its colour intensity depending on its emotional state or environment. These arachnids are mainly terrestrial, and are known for their elaborate webbing; even as spiderlings, they start spinning intricate webs that serve both as a home and a means to catch prey. Being a New World species, their venom isn’t as potent as their Old World counterparts, but it’s sufficient to immobilise their prey. Even as spiderlings, they are voracious eaters, willing to tackle prey almost their own size. They usually thrive on a diet of small livefood insects but will graduate to larger prey as they grow.



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