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Spiderling Orange Bitey Thing Tarantula

Pterinochilus murinus


The spiderling Orange Baboon Tarantula, Orange Bitey Thing Tarantula, or OBT, is a small, brown arachnid that will grow into a vibrant orange-brown, medium-sized spider with a notoriously aggressive temperament and potent venom. Suitable for experienced keepers.

Spiderling Orange Bitey Thing Tarantula For Sale

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Spiderling Pterinochilus murinus, commonly known as the Orange Baboon Tarantula or OBT and affectionately dubbed the “orange bitey thing,” are tiny spiderlings that will grow into their infamous reputation. Native to central and eastern African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, this spider is partially terrestrial, partially arboreal, or semi-arboreal. Even at this small stage, their bodies are a warm brown which develops further into the orange-brown colouration they’ll fully display as adults. As they mature, they’ll grow to be medium-sized, with a leg span reaching up to six inches, and will earn their nickname by developing a feisty and aggressive temperament, quite different from many old-world species. If you’re an enthusiast interested in a more challenging species, watching a spiderling OBT grow into its adult personality and colouration is a fascinating experience. This species is not recommended for beginners, as it possesses a horrible temper and very potent venom.


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