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Spiderling Stripe Knee Tarantula

Aphonopelma seemann


Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula spiderlings, grow into beautifully patterned black and cream adults. These spiders are affordable and easy to care for, requiring a moderately humid environment and a deep substrate for this terrestrial species to burrow into. Great for beginners.

Spiderling Stripe Knee Tarantula For Sale

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Spiderlings of the Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula, or Aphonopelma seemanni, are young beauties that promise to grow into striking adults with their unique striped leg pattern. They hail from the Pacific regions of Costa Rica and Panama and are known for their black and cream banded exoskeleton, giving them their name of the Stripe Knee Tarantula. As they mature, their exoskeletons turn into a rich dark brown or black colour, covering their abdomen and cephalothorax. These spiderlings are expected to grow into medium-sized adults, with females reaching a leg span of 5 to 6 inches while males will be slightly smaller. Naturally accustomed to moderately high humidity levels, these tarantulas prefer an enclosure with 60-70% humidity, achievable through misting and a water dish. A hygrometer is recommended for monitoring humidity levels. These spiderlings are primarily terrestrial and love to burrow, so it’s a good idea to offer them an enclosure with plenty of substrate depth. Providing a decent layer of substrate not only helps maintain humidity but also allows them to engage in their natural burrowing behaviours, making for a more enriching environment as they grow.


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