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Spiny Flower Mantis

Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii


The spiny flower mantis, Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, is a beautiful, easy-care flower mantid with big lavender eyes and emerald-green legs. This little insect is perfect for new keepers looking to own their first flower mantis.

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Spiny Flower Mantis For Sale

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The Spiny Flower Mantis, Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, is a highly sought-after species among insect enthusiasts and collectors. Its unique appearance, combined with its small size and docile demeanor, make it one of the most popular pet mantis in the insect trade. The Spiny Flower Mantis boasts a pale body with green stripes and gorgeous lavender eyes. Its wings are particularly eye-catching, with a distinctive swirl pattern found often in spiny flower species. During a threat display, the wings are raised to reveal a stunning golden-yellow underside. The vibrant colouration and intricate designs, paired with its delicate spines and stunning colouration make this species a true work of art.

The spiny flower mantis is docile in temperament, making it a great choice for those who want to keep a praying mantis without having to worry about aggressive behavior. This little insect is perfect for new keepers looking to own their first flower mantis, as they have simpler care & humidity requirements due to their native conditions. Whether you are an experienced keeper or are just starting out with pet mantis, the spiny flower mantis is a wonderful choice due to is unique appearance and simple care requirements. If you’re looking to add a new and unique insect to your collection, the spiny flower mantis is definitely worth considering.

1 review for Spiny Flower Mantis

  1. Thriver

    I have it on my door step in Zimbabwe

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