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Tarantula Essentials Setup

The Tarantula Essentials Setup is an affordable tarantula starter kit equipped with a selection of durable and secure exotic pet equipment to take care of adult tarantulas. With Exo Terra’s large invertarium, JBL thermometer, Giganterra heat mat, Giganterra water dishes and more all from leading exotic pet brands, we’ve selected only the best for your pet tarantula. Decorate with plants and natural decor items for a beautiful setup that’s both optimal for your pet and aesthetically pleasing.


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Begin tarantula keeping with our Tarantula Essentials Setup. This kit comprises a Giganterra Exo Terra 37 x 22 x 25cm Invertarium that offers a spacious home for your arachnid, fostering an environment that emulates its natural habitat. The setup includes a 650g Coco Coir Brick, an ideal moisture retaining substrate for maintaining perfect humidity levels and creating a safe and natural enclosure surface.  Coco coir can be mixed with other substrates such as sand, soils, vermiculite, or fibres, to create a specific substrate perfect for high-maintenance species. To cater to your tarantula’s instinct for hiding and burrowing, the kit contains a 25cm Cork Bark Hide that creates a realistic and comfortable retreat for your pet. For providing a well-regulated, warm environment, a Giganterra 15 x 28cm heat mat is included, ensuring the temperature is maintained within a range suitable for your tarantula’s wellbeing. A Giganterra 11cm Water Dish is also part of the kit, a shallow water bowl designed to keep your pet tarantula hydrated and minimise risk of drowning. Monitoring your habitat’s temperature is made easy with the JBL Stick On Thermometer, enabling you to maintain ideal conditions for your tarantula. The kit concludes with a pair of Habi Stat Feeding Tongs, simplifying feeding times and ensuring a safe distance between you and your pet. This setup provides everything you need to offer your tarantula a comfortable and healthy life under your dedicated care.

*The Tarantula Essentials Setup does not contain any live animals. Product image is representation only, not to scale, brands may vary.


  • Exo Terra 37 x 22 x 25cm Invertarium
  • 650g Coco Coir Brick
  • 25cm Cork Bark Hide
  • Giganterra 15 x 28cm Heat Mat
  • Giganterra 11cm Water Dish
  • JBL Stick On Thermometer
  • Habi Stat Feeding Tongs


The Tarantula Essentials Setup provides durable, affordable equipment and can be decorated further with plants, natural objects, hides, and more to truly provide your pet with an optimal environment that mimics its natural habitat.


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