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Thistle Mantis

Blepharopsis Mendica


A beautifully patterned white & vibrant turquoise species of empusid mantis.

Thistle Mantis For Sale

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The thistle mantis, also known as the lesser devils flower mantis, is a beautiful species of empusid mantis from south Asia and the middle east. Blepharopsis mendica, as it is scientifically known, can be a range of colours from pale beige to turquoise and green, and grow to around 2-3 inches long. The thistle mantis is expertly adapted to blend into its environment through its unique patterning. During a threat display, they display beautifully dappled wings to deter potential predators. Even the eyes of the thistle mantis are wonderfully camouflaged with dark stripes- the aesthetic details of this little critter are simply gorgeous.


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