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Vampire Crab

Geosesarma dennerle


The Vampire Crab, Geosesarma dennerle, is a beautiful and low-maintenance semi-terrestrial crab species, ideal for small paludarium setups. These are hardy and quirky critters that are entertaining to watch and interact with.

Vampire Crab For Sale

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The Vampire Crab, Geosesarma dennerle, is a beautiful, vibrant crustacean known for its striking appearance and quirky personality. Native to the freshwater habitats of Indonesia, this crab boasts deep purples and blues contrasted by bright yellow eyes, lending it an almost otherworldly aesthetic. There are a variety of colourful vampire crabs to choose from. What’s captivating about the Vampire Crab is not just its vivid colors, but also its relatively small size, making it an ideal candidate for nano tanks or smaller paludarium setups. Its name might evoke images of nocturnal bloodsuckers, but the title “vampire” is purely a nod to its bewitching appearance, particularly those stunning, yellow eyes The diet of the Geosesarma dennerle is omnivorous. While they have a love for animal-based proteins, they will also feed on detritus, making them beneficial cleaners. These crabs are generally peaceful but can display territorial behaviors, especially if their habitat becomes too crowded. There’s rarely a dull moment watching these little critters. These crabs thrive in small spaces, making them perfect for those who might not have the room for larger setups. Despite their mysterious name and appearance, their care requirements are straightforward, forgiving even for beginners in crab keeping. Their hardiness and adaptability, and stunning appearance make Vampire Crabs a brilliant, low-maintenance choice for those looking into crab-keeping.



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