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Vietnamese Stick Insect


The Vietnamese stick insect, Ramulus artemis, is an easy-care insect native to Vietnam, known for its staple camouflage and simple dietary needs. These critters are almost identical to Indian stick insects in appearance, but a fair bit larger. Great for beginners.

Vietnamese Stick Insect For Sale


The Vietnamese stick insect, Ramulus artemis, is a widely popular stick insect species kept for its decent size and ease of care. Native to Vietnam, this insect has gained popularity as a pet due to its hardiness and twig-like appearance. This critter is an excellent example of natural camouflage. Its body resembles a twig, both in colour and shape, which helps it expertly avoid predators. Adult males are usually around 4 inches long, while females can grow up to 6 inches. Their colour can range from brown to green.  Vietnamese stick insect mostly feed on leaves from plants like bramble, ivy, and oak, and are parthenogenetic, they can reproduce without males. However, if a male is available, sexual reproduction will take place. The females lay eggs that resemble small seeds, dropping them onto the ground where they can be covered by leaf litter. It can take several months for the eggs to hatch into nymphs, which will then grow into full-sized adults over a period of 5 to 8 months. If you’re planning on keeping one as a pet, the ideal temperature for a Vietnamese stick insect is between 70-80°F (21-27°C), and the humidity level should be around 50-70%. They require a well-ventilated enclosure with plenty of sticks and leaves for climbing and feeding. Mesh enclosures are perfect.


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