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White Marked Velvet Spider

Eresus Albopictus


Eresus Albopictus, the White-marked Velvet Spider, possesses a black velvet exoskeleton in females and distinctive white markings in males.

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White Marked Velvet Spider For Sale

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Eresus Albopictus, translated from latin as the White-marked Velvet Spider, is a captivating species originating from the diverse terrains of North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. Sporting a deep black hue, females of this species present a classic velvet exoskeleton typical of their genus. However, the males are what truly steal the show, adorned with distinctive white body markings, giving them their common name. Despite their exotic appearance, they prove to be quite the resilient bunch. As with other velvet spiders, Eresus albopictus is likely an easy-to-care-for species, making it an excellent choice for both beginner arachnid enthusiasts and seasoned spider keepers alike.

1 review for White Marked Velvet Spider

  1. Hellen jenner

    Over the moon with my velvet! Super chill and eating well. Arrived very well packaged. Couldn’t be more happy.

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